ExtraFirm Mattress: best mattress for back pain

Brand: TRESS made by Simmons Factory in China

It contains coconut fiber for its firmness  and come with 15 years warranty

*King size mattress     $999  

*Queen size mattress  $799 

*Double size mattress $699     

*King single  mattress$649

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[王朝在线]的“特硬加棕回纹” TRESS 床垫是由百年历史的世界第一品牌Simmons (席梦思)工厂为澳洲华人量身定做的..
你知道吗: 慈禧太后是使用Simmons床垫的中国第一人。“席梦思”就是Simmons的中文音译,因为Simmons太有名,大家习惯上就把弹簧床垫都叫做“席梦思”.

  Latex pillowtop pocket spring mattress

* Organic cotton material

* New Zealand Golden Rubber Latex

* 768 pocket coil

Queen size: $599;  special: $499

King size: $699    special: $599

pocked coil mattress with Latex pollowtop

               - made by Simmons

   Queen: $899   King: $1099


1)Knitting fabric+2cm Foam

   +3cm Latex foam+30g Non-woven     

2) 2cm high density foam

3) 350g Felt

4) 2.25mm Pocket spring 

5) 350g Felt

6) Fabric+0.6cm Foam+30g Non-woven

Super Firm mattress : 

Brand: ina-winnie

      (sweet dream)

contains a thick layer of coconut fiber

hard as timber: best mattress for back pain!!!

Queen size: $599

Double size: $559

single size: $399

pillow top mattress:

made in Australia

double: $299

queen:  $329


Made in Australia (color may be different)

single mattress:  $99

king single: $189

double: $199

queen: $249

King: $299


zoned Pocket mattress with Latex and visco pillow top

6 zoned pocket spring luxury Mattress,

brand: Tress     席梦思工厂生产

* Latex + Visco for its comfortable.

*6 different strength spring pack-so you can adjust the firmness.

Queen size: $1499;     King size: $1799

pillow top mattress for back pain:加层特硬床垫

brand: Tress


* one side firm the other side is soft

Queen: $699


mattress base

single size  $129

double size  $159

queen size   $199

king size      $259

Base with draw set

you can choose color

single/2 draw   $249

double/4 draw  $349

queen/4 draw   $399

coconut fiber mattress:

extra extra firm mattress available in Melbourne

single: $199

double: $279

Queen: $299