Our beautiful Mountain Ash timber furniture, also known as SA Regnans, may be treated as Tasmanian oak or Victorian ash, although they have different character.

 Herringbone Bedroom furniture 

Qeen size bed                    $1299

King size bed                    $1399

Bedside Table 620x420x539 4-draw Tallboy 1000x450x1145

Dressing Table 1500x450x780     $1299

mirror                          $299

  Barwon Entertainment unit

 TV stand (1990W*450D*472H)  $1499

 coffee table (1250W*650D*440H)

  Barwon dining table and chairs

  Dining table (1800x1000x775)  $1299

  Dining table (2200x1050x775)  $1399

  Dining chair (chocolate/brown)

  Barwon Buffet (1900x450x940)  $1499

  ask sales for better price

 Macedon dining table, dining chairs and buffet

 dining table (2200x1050x760) $999

 dining chair $199

 buffet (2000x400x850) 

 Macedon entertainment unit

 TV stand (2000x400x593) 

 coffee table (1500x700x440) $799