Australian wide free delivery policy:

Some of office chairs listed below are Australian wide free delivery items, the easy way to purchase those chairs is browsing ebay and finding those items by searching ebay item number which is shown with the sale price.

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racing chair  $89

chair with adjustable head rest.  $

color available:

Black / Red:   yes

Black / Green:    NO

Black / Orange: no

Black / white: No

office chairs: SD car chair    $149

PU leather, black/red in stock

swivel visitor chair

$199 for pick up   OR

purchase 2 chairs for $398 to get "Melbourne wide free delivery"

office chairs: Monroe    $499

Grade A cowhide leather

Free delivery for customers in Victoria, South Australia, Canberra, New South Wales, Brisbane metro,  Perth metro

ebay item number: 290820669522

office chairs: canada  $299

PU leather

Free delivery for customers in Victoria, Adelaide metro, Canberra, Sydney metro

ebay item number: 300823267951

office chairs: norman $169

PU leather,

Melbourne wide free delivery

ebay item number: 290928750539

white office chair: novia $169 

PU leather

office chairs: comfy  

$69 if pick up OR

purchasing 4 chairs for $276 to get " Melbourne wide free delivery".

ebay item number: 301179859130

visitor chair

out of stock

model: SD509 chair