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How to clean leather furniture

I have begun to sell leather lounge suite since 2001 and customer keeps to ask how to clean leather furniture. for general clean leather furniture, I recommend "leather cleaner" which you can purchase from Coles, woolworth, bunnings hardware super stores for the price between $5 to $30. For special clean leather like pen mark remove, I recommend "white sprite" which you can purchase from bunnings hardware super store for the price about $5. note that this strong cleaner may damage the leather, you must use it gently.

                                                                                     --answer from ausmart online furniture  

How to clean fine furniture

I suggest "Mr. sheen" which you can purchase from Coles, woolworth for the price under $7. it just clean fine furniture well and also adds polish to protect the surface.

                                                                                       --answer from ausmart online furniture


                      澳洲床垫尺寸                        中国床垫尺寸

King size:          183 * 203                               180 * 200

Queen size:    153 * 203                               150 * 200

Double size:    137 * 188                                150 * 190

King single:       107 * 203                               120 * 200

Single size:        91 * 188


  如果你在澳洲被商家忽悠而不幸购买了非澳洲床垫尺寸的卧室家具,只要你有发票,澳洲公平交易委员会会保护你的退货权利(money back),最长追诉期是7年。