(Bill Ma授权翻译)

【Brighton 枪杀案】两周前在Brighton杀害一名华人并击伤3名警察的霰弹枪售价为2000澳元,法院已经听到这项交易是在当地的一个郊区停车场内完成。

影子警察厅长Ed O'Donohue告诉媒体:“它将关系到Greenvale的每个居民都知道在当地郊区公园发生了非法的火器销售”. 这象征着维多利亚州的呈海啸般增长的犯罪所造成的危险,这些恐怖的罪行发生在家庭常去玩耍和放松的本地公园里

【工党的行为】行为不检的前议长Telmo Languiller再次使用议会选举津贴去支付他的女朋友和工作人员的海外旅行,他因此而遭到质问。

反对党领导人的影子议会秘书Tim Smith向政府表示,并向媒体说:“丹尼尔·安德鲁斯(Daniel Andrews)必须保证Telmo Languiller所花费在旅行中的每一元都绝对符合规定。维多利亚州的纳税人已经厌倦了被丹尼尔·安德鲁斯(Daniel Andrews)的工党议员当作个人自动柜员机。



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Brighton Siege】The shotgun used to kill one man and wound three police officers during the Brighton terror siege two weeks ago cost $2000 and was sold in a suburban car park, a court has heard.

Shadow Minister for Police, Ed O’Donohue told the media:‘It will concern every resident in Greenvale to know that an illegal firearms sale occurred in a local suburban park.

This is symbolic of how bad the crime tsunami has become in Victoria that these sort of terrifying crime are occurring in local parks where families go to play and relax.’

Labor rorts】Rorting former Speaker Telmo Languiller has again come under fire for using his parliamentary electoral allowance to fly his girlfriend and staffer overseas.

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition, Tim Smith hit out at the government, telling the media:‘Daniel Andrews must guarantee that every single dollar spent by Telmo Languiller on travel is absolutely within the rules.  Victorian taxpayers are sick and tired of being used as a personal ATM by Daniel Andrews’ rorting Labor MPs.’




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